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From the depths of 'otherworldly' consciousness, a new era of metal is conceived to serve musical ingenuity to the masses above...and those below.

The symphonic Doom -Metal band, Dominia, will be performing in London/Archway on 15th June. This will be their first time playing their material on UK shores. From the land of famous mystics and frozen landscapes, Dominia's mournful yet entrancing melodies lead the listener to a place of dark wonderment and serene beauty. Rousing long forgotten sorrows, Dominia's music will reach into the soul of all who choose to grant it audience and wind its' way around their emotions.

Raised By Owls, hailing from Derby have proven their worth by utilizing the most persuasive of all human devices; comedy. Chosen for their unique blend of humour and heresy, these agents of brutality bring forth a new wave of extreme metal and unrelenting rock 'n' roll spirit.

The relentless hammering of the pulse that is Cadaver Soiree will have audiences everywhere captivated by their awesome stage presence. With collaborating members from petrichor, the vocals provide an unyielding power that refuses to release the listener until the very last beat of the song. MUSIC TO BE RELEASED ON 15TH JUNE (SEE BOTTOM OF PAGE)

Sphinx have refined their powerful rhythms and searing melodies into a fully realised battle cry. Summoned from the city in which this event is set to take place, Sphinx will surely bring their compelling and impressive sound, swaying the minds of those who around them to their favour.

London based Metal band, Parabyss will provide the opening entertainment, leading into the evenings exposition of strange events. Heavy & melodic unleashing progressive & groove based riffs with roaring vocals set the scene for this up and coming band.

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