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Some of you may be aware already that German band - Vampyromorpha - have plans to release a new album through Morning Star heathens Music Group. The MSH compilation record will be available before the album release and one new song will be featured on this compilation.

"When VAMPYROMORPHA was born we had a hard horror movie weekend with trash, cult and blaxploitation horror movies like „Mark Of The Devil“and „Blacula“ behind us. With a lot of red wine and good music like PENTAGRAM, DEATH SS; KILLING JOKE, MELVINS and SISTERS OF MERCY we decided to write a horror doom album. Main thing of this idea was to do it as a duo. Also a main visual inspiration for us was the mighty Goatess Doomwych. She did the cover of our debut album „Fiendish Tales Of Doom“ and was also a big inspiration."

- Satan's Palace - taken from the 2016 E.P - Fiendish Tales Of Doom


The coming record will be called 'Deadlier than Dracula' - this will be an exclusive release on Vinyl - making it MSH's first Vinyl release!

(Watch out for more from of the ghoulish Vampyomorpha on their facebook page)

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