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Top 10 albums: James 'Jimbob' Isaac of Silverburn

Updated: Mar 15

Top 10 albums | James 'Jimbob' Isaac | Silverburn | Welsh metal

The debut album 'Self Induced Transcendental Annihilation' from James 'Jimbob' Isaac's solo project 'Silverburn' is out now. A heavy metal cocktail with elements of post hardcore, sludge and Mathcore from the city of Swansea (Wales).

We took some time to find out what has inspired Jimbob throughout his music career with another top 10 albums article.

Clutch - Transnational Speedway League (Anthems, Anecdotes and Undeniable Truths)

1. Clutch - Transnational Speedway League (Anthems, Anecdotes and Undeniable Truths)

Maryland's finest, Clutch stomped out their formative yet potent debut album in 1993. A blend of hardcore gnarl and Sabbathian groove. Like a testosterone fuelled love child of Melvins and Rollins Band. Their overall aesthetic and Neil Fallon's lyrical genius was a huge and foundational inspiration for me.

Helmet - Meantime

2. Helmet - Meantime

Page Hamilton's cutting edge post-hardcore band, from NYC's writhing noise rock under belly. Considered as a founding pillar in the nu-metal template, Meantime is a unique and game-changing slab of pounding rythms, riffs and staccato attitude. Massively influential on my guitar playing and approach to the drums, thanks to Hamilton and John Stanier.

Metallica - Kill 'Em All

3. Metallica - Kill 'Em All

Kings of metal, their first album was full of buzz saw riffs and spikey attitude. Gnarlier than James' acne scars, this album was a huge influence on my approach to the guitar.

Quicksand - Slip

4. Quicksand - Slip

A timeless classic, with immaculate song writing and production. This album was another game changer for me, with Walter Schriefels as an important influence on my vocals as well as guitar and song craft. Post-hardcore never got this good.

Botch - We Are The Romans

5. Botch - We Are The Romans

Botch managed to blend hardcore sensibility, with jazz/metal chops and post-hardcore ingenuity. When you're already a fan of bands like Slint and Fugazi on one side of the coin and Pantera and Metallica on the other, trailer blazers like Botch were impossible to ignore.

Led Zeppelin - s/t

6. Led Zeppelin - s/t

Another pivotal band to inspire my guitar playing and overall sense of rhythm, groove and dynamics. Seeing their 'Live at Danmarks Radio' performance on BBC2 that time, absolutely blew my mind and changed my world.

Eyehategod -'Take As Needed For Pain'

7. Eyehategod -'Take As Needed For Pain' 

New Orleans' finest. Thanks to Pantera's Phil Anselmo for championing their merch onstage, I discovered this brutally groovy sludge masterpiece. Having also heard Buzzoven's 'Sore' album, EHG pipped them at the post for me, with a more seductive and long lasting sludge foundation stone.

AC/DC - High Voltage

8. AC/DC - High Voltage

A hugely inspirational record, with Angus' guitar playing and riffing, informing how I approached my earlier days of guitar playing. Along with their overall ball-busting attitude. 

Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power

9. Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power

Another game changer for modern metal. This rager influenced my sense of song craft and aggression meets groove. How many 90s metal kids got into hardcore through this album? Many, Including myself and many peers from that formative era.

Biohazard - Urban Discipline

10. Biohazard - Urban Discipline

Danny Schuler's drum ideas and performance on this record, were truly inspiring for not only me, but a whole generation of hardcore and metal kids. Groove, chops and huge riffs. The 'Hazard were far more sophisticated than their image gave them credit for. Urban Discipline was another game changer, and hugely inspiring.


Silverburn - Self Induced Transcendental Annihilation

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Silverburn - Self Induced Transcendental Annihilation


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