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Deluxe reissue of Pig Destroyer’s landmark 2001 Relapse debut "Prowler In The Yard" fully remixed and remastered by guitarist/engineer Scott Hull complete with a recently unearthed never-before-heard bonus track from the Prowler sessions.


1. Jennifer
2. Cheerleader Corpses
3. Scatology Homework
4. Trojan Whore
5. Ghost of a Bullet
6. Heart and Crossbones
7. Strangled with a Halo
8. Intimate Slavery
9. Mapplethorpe Grey
10. Tickets to the Car Crash
11. Naked Trees
12. Sheet Metal Girl
13. Preacher Crawling
14. Pornographic Memory
15. Murder Blossom
16. Body Scout
17. Snuff Film at Eleven
18. Hyperviolet
19. Starbelly
20. Junkyard God
21. Piss Angel
22. Jennifer 2
23. Unreleased Untitled

About this product: this reissue is pressed on orange vinyl w/black smoke. Emits Evacuating

Pig Destroyer - Prowler in the Yard LP

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