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Tanin'iver - Australian metal bands

Tanin’iver – the Australian black/death metal embodiment of one man’s creative spirit, forged in the cold flames of tragedy, loss and personal struggle; an outpouring of blazing hatred and rage at a world blighted by sickness, cursed by violence and intolerance, drowning in greed and ignorance. The fourth album 'Dark Evils Desecrate' brings new life into the people of adelaide and the metal world at large.

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Latest Release

“It sounds like classic black death, very 90’s”

-Nergal / Behemoth

"It’s the kind of unfiltered, cutthroat album with the range to appeal to listeners that crave grim second-wave hammerings of the likes Mayhem and ilk, to fans of underground blackened death warriors Belphegor."

- Angry Metal Guy

 "Another stand out facet are the scabrous vocal snarls. Growling in a beastly fashion there’s plenty of venom in them, most of it directed towards the religious masses."

- Ave noctum



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