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Undisputed masters of murderous riffs, pugnacious grooves and ferocious hooks since 1991, Machine Head are long established as one of the most influential and incendiary bands in the metal world.

From genre-expanding triumphs like 1994’s debut, "Burn My Eyes", 1999’s "The Burning Red" to the planet-conquering might of 2007’s "The Blackening", to the new life injected in 2014’s "Bloodstone and Diamonds," Machine Head have carved a singular path across the globe for over three decades now with no end in sight. Whether it be marathon 3 hour live performances, or millions of albums sold worldwide, and accolades both big and small, there aren’t too many “distractions” clouding up the vision of Guitarist/Vocalist/Founder Robb Flynn these days.

In 2022, Machine Head are back with their most crushing and complete album yet. "Of Kingdom and Crown" is an hour-long conceptual monolith, rich in colour and dynamics but hell-bent on destruction. Set in a futuristic wasteland where the sky is always crimson red.

"Of Kingdom and Crown" tells the tale of two characters, both faced with incalculable trauma, whose stories become bloodily entwined as this deep, dark record progresses.


1. Slaughter the Martyr
2. Choke on the Ashes of Your Hate
3. Become the Firestorm
4. Overdose
5. My Hands are Empty
6. Unhallowed
7. Assimilate
8. Kill Thy Enemies
9. No Gods, No Masters
10. Bloodshot
11. Rotten
12. Terminus
13. Arrows in Words from the Sky

About this product: 

The DLX 2LP is pressed on silver vinyl, housed in a gatefold sleeve. Limited pressing of 300 copies.


Machine Head - Of Kingdom And Of Crown 2LP/Delux

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