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Metal Only


Welcome to Morning Star Heresy's label & music promotion services, your go-to destination for metal music promotion. We specialize in creating campaigns on social media profiles on Instagram and X, running effective YouTube promotion via Google Ads, crafting professional websites with SEO optimization, and pitching tracks to Spotify playlists. Our tailored services are designed to elevate your online presence and connect you with a wider audience.


Over 6 years of experience brought the label to add specialities to metal artist's and metal related businesses. We tailor projects anywhere from Black metal to White metal - yes, really.

Feel free to contact us with any questions about campaigns. All reviews can be found at the bottom of this page.

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Social media sorcerers, such as MSH harness the power of platforms like Instagram and X/Twitter to curate a relentless buzz around your music. We not only manage your accounts with expert finesse but orchestrate engagement strategies that resonate with your metalhead fanbase. From spine-tingling content creation to real-time interactions, we make sure your social channels are a raging mosh pit of engagement.


Instagram & X social media promotion

What you get:

. Account management & Daily engagement 

. Reports & Analytics

. Media & account growth 

. Secure service / No bots or shady activity

. Tailored & organic audiences

. Increase in Bio link activity 

. One Month Campaign & Support

NOTE: after ordering we will contact you for details we need from you and your campaign will begin 

Website Creation

Your website is your digital fortress – a stronghold that must encapsulate the raw energy of your music. Our avant-garde designers craft immersive, jaw-dropping websites that are a true reflection of your sonic identity. With seamless user experiences, electrifying visuals, and easy-to-navigate interfaces, your website becomes a gateway to your metal universe, engaging fans and enticing new listeners alike.

Website design | Metal bands

What you get:

. Customised website 

. Revisions until you're ready to launch

. E-commerce set up (Optional) 

. Lite SEO

. Use of Wordpress, WIX or Shopify

. Mobile friendly site 

. Indexed on Google 

NOTE: after ordering we will contact you for details we need from you and your campaign will begin 

youtube campaigns

The stage may be virtual, but the impact is very real. Our YouTube promotion experts channel their creativity into crafting visually captivating music videos and content that sparks fires in the hearts of headbangers worldwide. From channel optimisation to video SEO, we ensure your presence on the world's biggest video-sharing platform is nothing short of legendary. This also includes setting your band up with google ads that are effective and budget friendly based on your needs.

Youtube promotion

What you get:

. Instant results when your campaign is approved

. Consultation video call

. Instructional methods to create similar ads

. Have your budget as low as £1/$1 per day

. Target specific bands, music videos you'd like to be seen next to.

.Geo targeting

. A growth in audience 

NOTE: after ordering we will contact you for details we need from you and your campaign will begin 

Spotify Playlist Pitching

Our playlist pitching isn't a random gamble; it's a strategy. We take time to research and search for independent playlists within your genre/sub genre and hunt the curator who owns it. We deliver your track to their ears in order for these music lovers to make a choice to add your track(s) to their playlist. It's that simple. Not everyone will reply or find a good fit on their playlist, but we will keep a record of our work, so you can hit them up when you have a new release! 

Spotify promotion | MSH Music Group

What you get:

. Guaranteed pitching to the right playlists based on your genre.

. A spreadsheet of all who were contacted & their response after the end of the campaign

. One month campaign

NOTE: after ordering we will contact you for details we need from you and your campaign will begin 


Conquering the digital realm requires more than just musical prowess – it's about strategic visibility. Our SEO alchemists weave incantations of keywords, backlinks, and on-page optimization, ensuring your name ranks high on search engine results. Whether someone's searching for "epic metal riffs" or "thunderous drum solos," your music will be the riff that resonates.

SEO Services | MSH Music Group

What you get:

. Full SEO audit of website

. Keyword research

. Optimise pages including H1 tags

. Write keyword heavy descriptions for website description & titles for Youtube or Website

NOTE: after ordering we will contact you for details we need from you and your campaign will begin 

Complete Service Package

Get everything on offer to promote your music to get the best head start in your music career! This includes a months worth of social media account management and growth, Youtube promotion, Spotify playlist pitching campaign and SEO on any videos up or currently up. This can also be on your website - the choice is simply yours. This also comes with an EPK if you don't have one!

Music Promotion | Full package

NOTE: after ordering we will contact you for details we need from you and your campaign will begin 

Pile of human skulls that are realistic.jpg

What People Say


MSH took great care while setting  up the very first campaign for my band's music video. The results were almost immediate and consistent. Highly recommended.

Arthur Samburs/ Stereo Skull

As an older guy still stuck in his old ways, online marketing is a  mystery to me. When I needed someone who knew what they were doing to help get my band's name out there on social media, MSH Music Group delivered. I now have more followers specific to what I need, not someone from a remote place of the earth who is paid to follow pages and  occasionally leave generic comments. Will be doing more work with MSH Music Group in the future. 5/5 stars

Chris Conant/ Gravethorn

These guys at MSH Music Group did  a fantastic job at getting my bands followers count up over a two week period. Even in the first two days  I had seen a huge difference. Very easy going, friendly and approachable. I'll be asking these guys to help us again with out other socials. 5 stars, cheers guys.

Westo/ The Shallow Souls

One of the best label music services I have worked with. Very professional. Follows through with services, stays in touch and ensures the best.

Where the Children Play

Most approachable people you could imagine when it came to asking about services that could benefit my organisation or project. MSH listened to my needs and delivered the result they promised. They were great communicators throughout the development of my website and were patient when it came to updating information or providing the relevant media required for certain aspects of the website. 9/10 would recommend

Lazarus/ London Metal Coalition 

We've seen a good increase of traction with MSH, and all have been genuine users.

Ben Inferium/ Imperium

I'm personally very unfamiliar with things to do with marketing and promotion, but working with MSH made that a breeze. With their experience and know-how I was easily able to gain a large following and promote my EP widely. Definitely worth working with if you need any form of promotion and I look forward to continuing to work with them in the future!

Lee Chic/ Stillness of A Dying World

As promised, MSH successfully delivered a promotional campaign that has furthered my reach as an artist. It helped me acheive the next steps as a musician for upcoming projects

Amelia White / Abyssielle

We appreciate our time with morning star heresy they helped us get more eyes and ears on our product very reliable and quick responses. Definitely would recommend them to bands looking for label services.

Fupa Goddess

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