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Concluding Peaceville's series of the legendary line-up's four recorded live shows from 1990 comes "Live In Jessheim".

Featuring the line-up of Euronymous, Dead, Hellhammer and Necrobutcher, this is one of only a handful of recordings featuring the Norwegian black metal quartet in arguably their most influential period, as they forged a sound and darkness entirely of their own, before going on to almost inspire a whole scene single- handedly across a generation.

Features such classic tracks as Funeral Fog, Freezing Moon and Deathcrush in a set of pure chaos & rawness. This edition of Live In Jessheim features audio taken from a new source.

Mayhem are one of the undeniable leaders of the black metal genre and an inspiration for many black metal bands worldwide today, having existed for over 35 years, with an often dark and tragic history giving them unrivalled infamy. This is one of very few releases to feature this line-up, as vocalist Dead committed suicide the year after the shows and guitarist Euronymous was killed in 1993.


1. Deathcrush
2. Necrolust
3. Funeral Fog
4. Freezing Moon
5. Carnage
6. Buried by Time and Dust
7. Chainsaw Gutsfuck
8. Pure Fucking Armageddon

About this product: this reissue LP is pressed on black vinyl.

Mayhem - Live in Jessheim LP

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