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Lichway sign to MSH music group for debut album 'Soul Torment'

This year MSH Music Group unearth a new black metal band from across the United Kingdom - Lichway. The meaning of this name translates to "passage of the dead" and the music that comes along with such a name makes Lichway a force to be reckoned with.

Incepted in 2020, Lichway also features members from established UK extreme metal bands, such as 'Agrona' & 'Sodomized Cadaver'. Members consist of Anfad/Vocals & Guitar (Left) Kreulon/Bass (Centre) & Corff/ Drums (Right).


Album artwork for the debut album 'Soul Torment'


  1. Damned Echoes (intro)

  2. Bring Finality

  3. Soul Torment

  4. What Comes To All

  5. Bound By Dusk

  6. Fading

  7. Tomb Mist

  8. Pointless Existence

  9. Mourners


Soul Torment will be the first album by Lichway and is scheduled to be released on 15th December 2020 through MSH Music Group. The title track can be streamed & downloaded. Hear it on YouTube and experience the purest form of chaos from the UK! Stream it on Youtube below.


Pre order Soul Torment on CD or get the bundle which includes T-shirts for up to 3XL.

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