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Peaceville presents a very special collection of tracks from the more black metal-oriented acts on the label, featuring a variety of new and recent bands such as RUïM (featuring former Mayhem guitarist Blasphemer), Hellripper, Mork, Doedsmaghird (the new project of DHG's Vicotnik and evil twin to his main band) and Avmakt, among firmly established legendary acts and infuential names such as Darkthrone, Mortem, Sigh, Mortuary Drape and Dødheimsgard, with plenty of great showcases for what is to come in 2023.

Also including a majority of exclusives amd special surprise inclusions from the enigmatic Norwegian band Kvist & the pioneering riffs of Snorre Ruch of Thorns.

Alongside the stellar list of acts covering much of the current black metal Peaceville roster, CD2 is an amazing deep dive into the abyss of history, focussing on what the 1990's had to offer, covering Peaceville's current catalogue.

Seen as a golden period for many, in which the genre reached its notorious heights & its burgeoning evolution, we witness true leaders of the early scene such as the Nordic kings Mayhem and Darkthrone, Greece's own abyssic black metal originators Rotting Christ, the distinctive genius riffing style of Snorre Ruch of Thorns, and Japan's premiere black metal act Sigh, through to bands rising to prominence in the mid 90s, from the dark brilliance of Dødheimsgard, to the insane industrial satanic power of Mysticum, the blackened thrash masterclass of Aura Noir and the medieval tinged majesty of Godkiller.

Each track stands as a landmark and mini-piece of history itself, of a bygone era.


1. Aftermath [Mortem]
2. O Sino da Igreja [RUïM]
3. Impeccable Caverns of Satan (Edit) [Darkthrone]
4. Mayonaka No Kaii (Alternate Vocal) [Sigh]
5. Then, to Darkness Return [Doedsmaghird]
6. Gaerne Sia av Fjorden (Demo) [Kvist]
7. Alrunens Hevn [Mork]
8. The Secret Lost [Mortuary Drape]
9. Bitter Carved Hollow [Avmakt]
10. Mephistophelian Dreams (2022) [Hellripper]
11. Stemmen fra Evigheten [Dødheimsgard]
12. Helvete Theme [Snorre Ruch]
13. Intro [Mortem]
14. Carnage [Mayhem]
15. Feast of the Grand Whore [Rotting Christ]
16. Aerie Descent [Thorns]
17. Unholy Black Metal [Darkthrone]
18. The Knell [Sigh]
19. Warhammer [Thou Art Lord]
20. Black Metal Storm [Fimbulwinter]
21. The Pale Mist Hovers Towards the Nightly Shores [Carpathian Forest]
22. Starcaves Depths and Chained [Dødheimsgard]
23. Mirage [Aura Noir]
24. Hvilelos? [Fleurety]
25. In Your Grave [Mysticum]
26. The Sphere in Blackheim's Shrine [Diabolical Masquarade]
27. From the Castle in the Fog [Godkiller]
28. Svartedal [Kvist]
29. The Seven Witches [Obtained Enslavement]
30. Through Times of War [Keep Of Kalessin]
31. The Killing Kind [Gehenna]
32. V [Taake]
33. Exordium [Emperor]

About this product: this 2CD is housed in a jewelcase.11

Various Artists - Dark Side of the Sacred Star 2 CD

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