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Italian mind rippers 'Insania.11' sign to Morning Star Heathens Music Group

Insania.11 is born from the cold ashes of Insania, trash(core) metal band wich has been active between 1989 and 1997, playing numerous live acts in north italy and releasing a handful of reharsal tape and one pro-demo (Genesi, 1994).


Samaang re-started up as solo-project releasing one ultra-limited edition EP (I Diari di Samaang: L’Ostato Larvale; 2010), then a reunion was attempted in 2011 with the three-member formation that had recorded Genesi, but the difficulty of realigning the musical intent led Samaang (voice and guitar) and Ethrum (guitar) to resolve to a studio-project, so the two of them started to finalize the songs sketched/partially developed in the rehearsal sessions between 2011 and 2014.

September 2015 insania.11 started the production of the EP “Di Sangue e Di Luce”, totally on their own in a form of semi-pro/home recording approach. The rhythm section has been full MIDI programmed, the vocals and guitars takes/reamping have been managed in the rehearsal room. The production of the EP was completely managed by insane.11 using a notebook and DAW platforms, using the “room 3” of the Woodstock studio (Varese) as a listening and production environment (mixing and mastering).


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