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Top 10 albums from Steve Lillywhite of Tanin'iver

Aussie blackened death artist and all around musician of Tanin'iver took time to give us his musical inspiration by providing his top 10 albums of all time.

Steve Lillywhite of Tanin'iver | Top 10 albums

1. Psalm 69 - Ministry

Does this record even need a description? Back in 1996, I stayed up late to watch our local late-night music video show Rage with my older brother. I cant remember who guest programmed, either Trent Reznor or Max Cavalera, but they put on N.W.O by Ministry. Within the first few seconds I was hooked. Immediately purchasing the N.W.O single from the record store the following weekend. This band, and Al Jourgensen crafted my entire career from wanting to perform, sound production and engineering, sampling, electronics and everything in between. Bonus tip: Go read Al's book, only if you have the stomach for it.

Ministry - Psalm 69

2. Crossover Ministry - Iron Reagan

There's a good reason why I have these guys tattooed on my leg. These punk guys are somehow writing and playing better rock and metal riffs than most metal bands. This album got me through some dark times, giving me energy and reminding me of the fun in music and in life and not to take shit so seriously. 

Iron Reagan - Crossover Ministry

3. March Of The Norse - Demonaz

I see this personally as a rare metal masterpiece that I think is vastly underrated - in terms of popularity. This genius can spin an entire record over the same 3/4 drum pattern in every song and still have each song stand out on its own and also blend into one epic tune at the same time. It is such an inspiration for my writing in my side projects that I often have to listen back to the record to ensure I haven't committed blatant plaguery.

Demonaz - March of the Norse

4. Waiting For Columbus (live album) - Little Feat

Jimmy Page once coined these guys as one of his all time favourite bands. Enough said. This live album encompasses a vast array of jazz, blues, bluegrass, fusion with a fuck ton of improv and gorgeous and soulful vocals. A wonderful experience for all music fans first to last track. RIP Lowell George. 

Little Feet - Waiting for Columbus

5. Sunrise Over A Sea Of Blood - Mortal Treason

These cunts did what Bleeding Through do, but a hundred times better.. and darker. With vocals that are akin to a hybrid of black metal screeches and hardcore lows, sung over roughly recorded and performed melodic riffs and bone shattering breakdowns underneath haunting keyboards, this record is a little rare gem an old guitarist colleague of mine put me on to in the early 00's... I've read that they are a christian band, but just ignore the lyrics (not that you can tell what the fuck they're singing anyway) and enjoy.

Mortal Treason - Sunrise Over A Sea of Blood

6. Homework - Daft Punk

Musical geniuses whether you believe it or not. Listening to these guys always remind me to push the envelope and never settle for what is acceptable to the masses. This record taught me a lot about production, always making me want to research more in to different techniques inside and outside the studio, be it metal or not.

Daft Punk - Homework

7. Mortal Coil - Dodsrit

Holy shit on a stick mate, if you haven't listened to this yet, or any record from these lads for that matter, do yourself a favour.... I have no idea what genre they are considered. I don't care much for genres, but I like to think of these guys as the hardcore punk version of MGLA. The melodies on this record are mainstays in giving me goosebumps no matter how often I hear it and this record alone is the sole reason I started branching out and learning more professionally into guitar writing and playing.

Dodsrit - Mortal Coil

8. Age Of Excuse - MGLA

Yeah, I know. Why didn't I pick Exercises In Futility? Because fuck you that's why. Not much to say other than Darkside's drumming helped me explore my drum writing, the vocals are nihilistic and opened up a whole other world of lyric writing and poetry where the "less is more" approach can hit just as, if not harder, than a metal record doesn't have to be fucking Rap God.

MGLA - Age of Excuse

9. Demigod - Behemoth

What's a top ten without a Behemoth record huh? I only included this record simply due to the fact that I got my "power chord obsession" from this one. Why play one string when you can play three and make it sound heavier, fuller and more aggressive. Hit hard or go the fuck home I say. 

Behemoth - Demigod

10. A Patient Man - Cult Leader

Fuck this list was a cunt. It was either this record or Miss Machine by Dillinger Escape Plan. My older brother and I flew to Melbourne just to see Cult Leader at 1am in the dingiest, scummiest fucking shithole pub I have ever been to in my life.. And if you know me well, you know I've seen some shit. That "Thousand yard pub stare". Again, fuck knows what genre this is. Its just pure chaos, and the live show I genuinely feared for my life. The singer hung from the roof racking with one arm screaming over the breakdown in "I Am Healed" over the top of a mosh that was anything but world war 3. In contrast to an Iron Reagan album, these guys remind me that you really can unleash negative energy via pure musical fury... Just maybe next time at a pub that doesn't have a clogged up toilet full of blood and vomit and serving beer that tasted like it was dripped down my own ass after a one hour live show in an Aussie heat wave.

Cult Leader - A Patient Man

Honorable mentions: 

Miss Machine - Dillinger Escape Plan

Dissimulate - The Berzerker

Supremacy - Hatebreed

4X4=12 Deadmau5

Every damn Dimmu Borgir album in existence

Tanin'iver - Dark Evils Desecrate releases 25th January 2025.

Tanin'iver - Dark Evils Desecrate

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