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Tanin'iver announce new album 'Dark Evils Desecrate' (Australian Blackened Death Metal)

Blackened Death metal band hailing from South West Australia (Adelaide) will unleash their fourth studio album 'Dark Evil Desecrates' on 25th January 2024 via MSH Music Group.

For fans of Belphegor, Mayhem, Dissection & Svart Crown

Tanin'iver - Dark Evils Desecrate (Blackened Death metal from Adelaide)

Tanin'iver ( תַנִין, "dragon" + עִוֵר, "sightless" — the "blind dragon") is an evil cosmic entity described in Kabbalistic writings, such as the Treatise on the Left Emanation and the Zohar. He is the steed of Lilith, so he is considered a mechanism by which evil is activated. The beast is still the catalyst for the coupling of Lilith with Samael, a union that brings pestilence into the world.

The history of Tanin’iver is as chaotic as the music it has delivered over three, soon to be four LP’s, and one EP. Born in the mind of lead vocalist and song writer Steve in 2018, the direction of the Tanin’iver project was always to highlight the “less is more” approach to extreme metal. For just shy of 20 years, Steve had a lengthy and intimate history with the Australian live metal ecosystem and had been performing, writing and recording with a small handful of metal acts since 2004. Rural tours and high attendance shows across many notable venues such as The Gov, Fowlers Live (now Lion Arts), The Enigma Bar, The Underground, Bridgeway Hotel and many more. However, the world of metal in Australia was a frequent, ever evolving beast in the early 2000’s and failing to find comfort in grasping consistency with members and live shows, and coupled with a shock diagnosis of a life altering permanent disease, Steve stepped out of live and production metal indefinitely.

For near on a decade, the singer/songwriter struggled with the recent health diagnosis and departure from what he loved and knew best, and whilst regretfully dealing with substance abuse, haphazardly spent a short stint studying the history of electronic music in rock and pop, somehow managing to build his own studio, and release music on record labels around the world including Germany, USA, UK, Australia and Italy across a vast range of electronic genres including but not limited to industrial, aggrotech & dark minimal.

Tanin'iver - Dark Evils Desecrate

Fast forward to 2018 and the death of a beloved childhood best friend, whom lost his battle to cancer. It would be nice to say something positive led to Steve’s furious and rapid return to all things metal, alas it was anything but. A chance meeting with a local guitarist, who’s skills rivaled some of the best in the world of rock, was the catalyst and opportunity to begin the creation of Steve’s brainchild Tanin’iver in to action. A second hiatus started.

In early 2023, Steve & MSH had teamed up and had a vital conversation to get a new album underway. Teaming up with Liam Mohor, whom also co-wrote and recorded The Lucifer Effect, decided to stray away from previous religion-hating subject matter and turn to touching on Steve’s hatred of war, unwarranted violence, racism and the poison that is social media. With a brand new studio built, new equipment and the undying support of the record label, Liam and Steve got to work and instead of the usual quick turn around, this album was written and recorded over a 12 month period.


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