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2022 Releases | MSH Music Group

Another year through the abyss awaits us all. Metal, madness and a new sense of enlightenment are all coming into play...


MSH Music Group will bring a set of new releases in 2022. This will include the debut album from Voices of Grief titled 'Verses About Sin and the Guise of Sorrow'. Exhale the Plague will be releasing the debut album 'The Plague Bearer' and a set of singles surrounding the release. Last but certainly not least, MSH will be releasing a highly demanded remastered edition of Dominia's 2017 album 'Stabat Mater'. This will also mark the first release on Vinyl from Dominia and the label.

More releases and signings may also come into effect through the year. However, these next three releases will be essential. There will also be new products available from Welsh Black Metal band Lichway in the store from their 2020 release 'Soul Torment', as they continue their wave of live shows across the UK.


Voices Of Grief - Verses About Sin And The Guise Of Sorrow | Releases 27th March 2022 via MSH Music Group.

Funeral Black Metal From Russia

Exhale the Plague - The Plague Bearer | Scheduled to release Spring 2022 via MSH Music Group

Deathcore from United Kingdom

Dominia - Stabat Mater (Remastered) | Coming August 27th 2022 via MSH Music Group

Melodic Death/Gothic Metal from Russia


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