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Introducing - Voices Of Grief (2019)

Voices Of Grief was formed by Catafalque and Daron as a two-member project in 2018. after a while, Anton Rosa joined Voices Of Grief, and the ensemble continued as a trio. Anton Rosa is the leader of another band from St. Petersburg - Dominia. Then Dominia's drummer Papa also joined Voices Of Grief.


This single is one of five tracks from the debut EP with the same name as the band - “Voices of Grief”.


All the songs in the EP are depressive stories about solitude and inner grief with thoughts of suicide. As a song writer, Catafalque also demonstrates his anti-religious views and negative attitudes toward Christianity, drawing on his satanic worldview and personal philosophy. Music of Voices Of Grief combines the ideas of Anton Rosa and Daron, as Black Metal with the dark, depressive and melodic Doom Metal.


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