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Enter Marc Hood (Cadaver Soiree)

Cadaver Soiree will be releasing new music this year! Following the departure of vocalist, Nate Lewis of Petrichor and Sathamel. Marc Hood has taken over and has been working hard with Neil Hannaford (bassist) and Andy Firth (guitarist) - playing multiple sets across the UK. A single will be released very soon, which which will follow up with more an album later this year!


About Marc

We got a chance to talk to Marc about his musical career and what inspirations led him to towards Cadaver Soiree. This is what he had to say.

"I’ve always been in a very music loving family, albeit no one had ever played. I never had any desire to play music as I’d never really tried. But as my tastes changed towards heavier music I listened to a live version of for whom the bell tolls by Metallica from 1985. After which bass became my instrument, though I’ve played drums, and lead guitar in bands I always came back to bass. Playing most recently in Hamerex. This is where I would meet future Cadaver bandmate, Andy. As my time progressed in Hamerex I would provide backing vocals which were usually sung clean, with occasional harsher vocals coming later. I did one song of lead vocals for one of the last released Hamerex songs “Crucifixion” which showed both clean and harsh vocals. This was mostly due to the lyrics I’d written not suiting the lead vocalists’ style. Eventually I became unhappy with my bass playing, due to strain injuries in my hands and from essentially falling out of love with playing. I then left Hamerex. Around the same time Nate had decided to leave Cadaver. Andy suggested I try out having heard my vocals beforehand. It was a big decision as I’d never done lead vocals outside of that one song, and I was incredibly critical of my performance. I’d also never fronted a band before and it did daunt me a bit. In either case first tryout went

very well, with me being announced after Nate’s final show with the band. Shortly after this the lineup changed for unfortunate, but unavoidable reasons. I’ve found that being able to focus on my vocals has strengthened them a lot and I think I’m the most comfortable I’ve ever been in a band. I’ve also had a lot of positive feedback on them too. Right now all I want to do is get on stage and vent my frustrations through music. It’s very freeing. It helps that my two band mates are absolute top lads and the stuff we’re currently writing is the proudest I’ve ever been in music."

Inspired musically by Cliff Burton, Slayer, Havok, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide and dying fetus. You can find snippets of Marc's vocals from the upcoming tracks on Cadaver Soiree's instagram page at


The band are playing shows across the UK now! Next up is at the Angel microbrewery in Nottingham/ 24th February 2019/ Supporting the mighty Necronautical!


T- shirts are also now available in the MSH store. Be quick or lose out!

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