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God Eat God (Abandonment) Full Album Stream

God Eat God presented their debut album Abandonment in 2016 and re-released digitally under MSH music group. This album will hardly leave fans of atmospheric funeral and good classic death/doom metal indifferent.


This masterpiece consists of six epic tracks full of true despair, search of Knowledge, denial of the world and eternal sorrow. The album is dark, but melodic and touching your soul at the same time. God Eat God project involves the representatives of different music genres, musicians from the bands of various music styles, such as Dominia (Rus), Eye of Solitude (UK), Clouds (Int), KняZz (Rus) and ex-King And Joker (Король и Шут). In spite of that, the musicians managed to find time and make efforts to gather together and create this slow, thoughtful, heartbreaking and dark album.

Download the album from the MSH music group digital shop & receive the latest God Eat God single for free!


The 2019 single 'In Grief' is also available worldwide digitally! This single will be part of a three track EP - which will be released digitally and on cassette tape later in 2019 under MSH music group. Support the Underground & experience the tragedy of Funeral Doom through God Eat God! More release info coming soon...


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