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Anfad Of Lichway | TOP 10 ALBUMS

In celebration of the debut album Soul Torment coming in December - we had a chat with Anfad (vocalist) of Lichway to discuss his top ten albums that inspired him in his musical career to develop his sound for Lichway.


10. Enslaved - Frost

Frost is grim and frozen black metal that will leave you feeling as cold as the name suggests. A release that manages to balance atmosphere and frantic destructive riffing in the best way possible while being technically impressive to boot. Embodies the perfect raw black metal production.

9. Tsjuder - Desert Northern Hell

Total black metal destruction from the off. This album does not let up for a second. The production perfectly suits the sonic assault offered by Tsjuder and the riffs and intensity of the drumming are just insane. Tsjuder ooze everything I love about black metal here.

8. Craft - Fuck The Universe

Craft for me have the perfect balance of pure aggression coupled with a heavy oppressive atmosphere. This album bleeds pure hatred and misanthropic feeling. Craft are very inspiring for me in terms of riff and song writing because they know how to take simple ideas and add just enough elements to get across the feel that they are going for.

7. 1914 - Eschatology Of War

A relatively recent addition to my list, but what an addition. This band manage to write songs about one subject- WW1- without it coming across as cliché, gimmicky and forced, and that is purely down to the strength of the song writing and technical skill of the members. I listen to this album and get lost in the destruction, death and mud of WW1 instantly. Caught in the Crossfire is my pick for favourite song here.

6. Urgehal - Goatrcraft Torment

Unashamedly trope filled black metal. Absolutely love this record. Urgehal deliver on all counts, from the frantic, destructive blasting to the awesome mid-tempo riffs which inspire my own song writing. You know exactly what you’re in for from the off with the line “THIS IS SATANIC BLACK METAL”, and it still manages to stand up despite being full of all the usual cliches. The difference is, Urgehal know how and when to use these cliches to their advantage with their songs and not rely on them as a crutch.

5. Judas Priest - Defenders Of The Faith

This list would not be complete without including the mighty Priest.  While Painkiller is touted as their strongest release, I prefer Defenders of the Faith because it feels like a more raw and honest record to me. Each song has a unique character, but it still feels cohesive as a whole, with a good balance between fast and frantic and downtempo numbers. I really appreciate the straight up riffing and Halford’s vocals are as strong as ever.

4. Imperium Dekadenz- Dis Manibvs

When I first discovered this band I was blown away. Every album is strong in my eyes but Dis Manibvs is my clear favourite. They really know how to strike a balance between the melodic and more traditional black metal elements, without resorting to overly pretentious song writing. Horaz is one of my favourite black metal vocals with his gravelly shrieks slotting perfectly into the sound. Pure Nocturnal Rome is and will remain one of my favourite songs.

3. Bathory - Under The Sign Of The Black Mark

What would this list be without Bathory? My favourite of the first three Bathory albums, just narrowly beating the self-titled on account of ‘Call from the Grave’ being such an absolute classic song. Quorthon’s vocals sound evil as hell on this record and it’s raw and vicious throughout, showcasing first wave BM at its absolute best.

2. Watain - Sworn To The Dark

While Lawless Darkness is arguably a stronger release for Watain (and nearly won out due to “Waters of Ain” and “Four Thrones”), I can’t help but love this record start to finish. Watain’s cleaner style of production might not be to everyone’s tastes, but I actually think it suits their style and helps the songs stand out. The riffs are evil and there’s plenty of variety in each song to keep you interested for the relatively long run time, which is good since the best song is the closer, Stellarvore. Will spin this album again and again when I just want an uncomplicated and to the point black metal fix.

1. W.A.S.P - Crimson Idol

will always love W.A.S.P. and honestly most of their albums up to the mid 90’s could be in this spot. Blackie Lawless is an incredible songwriter with a unique and incredible voice and it really shines through on this concept album, taking you on a wild journey and showcasing the best WASP has to offer. The songs are incredibly well structured and well written, and manage to stand out on their own yet also transition seamlessly into one another. This album flows perfectly and demonstrates WASP at their finest. 


Lichway - Soul Torment releases on 15th December 2020

Listen to the self titled track on YouTube & Pre Order your copy. CD's & merch available

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