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Edoma Sign to MSH Music Group

Enter Blackened Death Metal band 'Edoma'

Once again, Morning Star Heathens Music Group will be working alongside Russia's underground and will be signing the latest Edoma album. Hailing from Saint Petersburg, Edoma are a breath of fresh, and not to mention cold air. This is Blackened Death metal at its finest! With a mixture of songs of despair and the coming freeze of the planet. This is a force to be reckoned with.


Formed in 2017, Edoma are a force of extreme metal and the band name meaning literal permafrost. The band stated that their lyrics are not "minions" of any religious organisation. Since their icy inception the band have released two singles from their coming debut album. The founders of the group are guitarist Neil Gorbunov and bassist Pavel Kurakin.


Current lineup Nil Gorbunov - Guitar / Lyric Dmitry Kazak - Guitar / Vocal Leader Pavel Kurakin - Bass / Back Vocals


At the end of 2017, the band began to intensively compose and rehearse material at their rehearsal studio. In December 2018, they recorded and published their first demo “Herald Of Death”. At the end of March 2019, drummer Fyodor Sudak leaves the band. Despite the lack of a rhythm section, the group starts recording the debut album, which later received the name "Immemorial Existence". The official video for the track 'Depletion Of Faith' can be streamed on YouTube below

The debut album 'Immemorial Existence' will be released via MSH music group on May 1st and will be available to pre order on physical format, as well as digitally. Keep your eyes peeled for the coming permafrost from Russia.


More album details to be given in due course including tracklist and artwork. For now enjoy the other single from Edoma 'Herlad Of Death' on bandcamp. (link on image)

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