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Is this the hardest working heavy rock/metal band from North England?

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Hailing from Bradford (West Yorkshire) resides Black Falcon. A Heavy Rock band with an infusion and the right dose of metal elements. One can't simply put a finger on what genre Black Falcon are, but there are heavy influences anywhere from Black Sabbath and Mastodon to Billy Talent. The troopers from Black Falcon began their career in 2015, although the lineup has changed throughout that time - the band are not stopping anytime soon with their current formula...

Following on from their highly acclaimed debut EP, Living in Me, released September 2016, the band signed to MSH Music Group, and went on to release the follow-up single “Devils Chase Him,” as well as a video to the debut EP’s title track.

(Video 'Living In Me' taken from the 2017 three track single 'Devils Chase Him')

Moving forward with the Devils Chase Him single, there were phenomenal reaches with these tracks. Black Falcon were given the oppurtunity to play alongside L.A. Guns & the ever popular monsters of Rock 'Puddle Of Mudd'. The band played a sold out show beside them in their home city of Bradford.

With these achievements putting the band on the map, they were also reviewed by musical comedy legend Bill Bailey, as he personally expressed his love for Black Falcon after experiencing them at full force by saying Black Falcon, may your wings soar upon the power of rock. - Bill Bailey.

(Listen to the Devils Chase Him single by clicking here)



The latest album from Black Falcon has been circulating the internet by storm. Released in late 2018, Turn Around And Face The Sun arrived and saw multiple runs of physical copies, a plethora of shows around the United Kingdom, including the most recognisable UK metal festival, Bloodstock Open Air Festival. The album launched on 26th October 2018 and is still living up to its expectations in 2020 with festival entries and many upcoming shows.

Turn Around and Face the Sun is an anthemic, high-energy body of work, boasting Black Falcon’s own unique blend of heavy riffage, smooth grooves, blistering guitar solos, thumping bass and gigantic lyrical hooks, all which salute the bands influences from decades gone by, and create a unique rock and metal sound. Turn Around and Face the Sun promises to be a turbocharged upgrade to Black Falcon’s classic sound, providing you an album of songs which you will not be able to forget. Listen to the full album

The first of three videos taken from the album 'Turn Around And Face The Sun' titled 'The Legend (I appear)'


In 2020 Black Falcon will play a festival in their home city of Bradford called Bradstock and a debut show in London on May 16th at the London Stone with special guests and event poster to be announced! Listen to the sensational album 'Turn Around And Face The Sun' and submerge yourself into the finest Heavy music that Yorkshire has to offer. (Click here for album link and instant listening)

Here are just a few words taken from multiple reviews of the album.

"Like a pedigree Rottweiler this promising debut is strong, rooted in tradition but with the potential to bite!" - GIGsoup music

"Turn Around… features almost an hour of tight tracks, all designed to have you banging your head at one velocity or another." - The Moshville times

"The musicians all know what they’re doing and the delicate balance of groove and melody was handled well" - Mega depth

"Vocally 'Ayres' could almost at times be a dead ringer for Paul Stanley of KISS. That’s not a bad thing. Lyrically, the band tackles much of the human condition in a very sincere heartfelt manner." - The Metal Temple


Current lineup (Enter Richard Dale on guitar)
David Ayres (Singer) with his people for Puddle of Mudd

From Tattoo ink and Drama Theatre to the stage

The current lineup for 2020 is with the new guitarist ' Richard Dale' after the departure of former guitarist 'Richard Fisher'.

Let the band know that their hard work is appreciated and what your thoughts are. by keeping up to date with Black Falcon and when they may be appearing in your town or city this year. Social media links are available below.

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