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Tanin'iver - Pyrrhic | Out Now |

The Australian Black Metallers -Tanin'iver have now released their second album 'Pyrrhic'. A Black Metal monstrosity containing 10 tracks that will keep you on your feet from start to end. The album is a follow up from their first album 'Anno Domini Nostri Satans' and their single 'Imperious' - both released in 2019 independently.

Tanin'iver are currently changing their lineup as we speak, with new members joining the Tanini'iver cult. Pyrrhic brings a strong balance of black and death metal and will supplement any metalheads daily dose of blast beats, screams of anguish, solos and powerful riffs. This is songwriting and execution at its finest. Don't miss out on the dark blessings...


Now available to listen, download or order your copy of 'Pyrrhic' from Bandcamp! We advise that you turn back now if you are not too familiar with black metal and the macabre.

Tanin'iver - 'Pyrrhic' released on 14th February 2020 via MSH Music Group

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