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Tanin'iver | New Single | New Lineup

Still crawling through the heat of Australia reemerges black metal band 'Tanin'iver' with a new lineup. The band will return on 15th August with their new single titled 'Andras Of Jinnestan'. We've been luckily enough to hear what the band have been doing with their sound and it's safe to say this will be going in a slightly different direction with a darker and colder sound - going back to the roots of traditional black metal. As apposed to their latest release 'Pyrrhic' which bought death & even thrash elements into the sound. As we await the full lineup photos, the lineup details of the new lineup are as follows...

Drekavac of Dead Soul Dylan Tattooer (Left) acclaim as Skorpa's right hand man, bringing forth the auditory hell of dual vocals (two singers).

LEFT: Baelathvan (AKA Liam) of Altar Defecation, Ascensions Fall and Farrore fame is taking the reigns of lead guitarist. These are huge boots to fill and we could not think of anyone we'd love more than to tackle the beast that is the lead guitars of Tanin'iver. A much loved, well known and revered member of the Australian metal community, we welcome him with open arms.

RIGHT: Scotty Belmont of Wings of Thanatos and many other well known acts fame, will be bringing his technical expertise, ferocious pace and experimental drive to the drums of Tanin'iver. We welcome Scotty with open arms.

With the new lineup comes a big change with the band, as they are now preparing to be working their stuff for a live audience! When this global pandemic ceases to become an issue for that, there will be a lot of chances to see Tanini'ver on the road in their local cities & possibly on an international level. It's now time to see the true power of underground darkness, with a tribal twist!


Artwork for the brand new single 'Andras Of Jinnestan'



Take a look intot the current discography of Tanin'iver from their 2020 release 'Pyrrhic' with former members. Including the lyric video for the track 'Malignancy' on the MSH music group channel. For those who have enjoyed the sounds from the Ozzie underground, there are ways to support Tanin'iver by downloading the albums on Bandcamp or purchasing one of the remaining physical copies of the album 'Pyrrhic'.

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